bad at fun

by Bow & Spear

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12" wax disc availble through What's for Breakfast Records at:


released December 8, 2017

Bow & Spear is:
John Bergman - Drums
David Ritter - Guitar and Vocals
Megan Edgin - Bass and Vocals
Tyler Ryssemus - Guitar

All music and Lyrics by Bow & Spear (C) 2017
Recorded and mixed by Damian Wiseman at Soapbox Studios
Recorded November 2016 - July 2017
Mastered by Carl Saff
Cover Image by Anthony Steinhoff
Lettering & Formatting by Maya C. Renfro
Back Image by Jenn Florio


all rights reserved



Bow & Spear Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Creeps
You better make your escape from this creep dread
They wailed and wept for their unburied dead
Smother in the compassion you intend
We do for you what you should do yourself
The magic word was always just “yes”
But what you get, you couldn’t ever guess
The impersonal motions of earth and flesh
Regress towards death, end regressing

It seems that I’ve been set on fire
Immolated to my surprise
Tinder thin and saccharine and when it
when it went, it went up bright
(and then another)
Pray first for rain of course, although I
(keep it for each other)
Like it when you keep me dry
(maybe there’s a summer)
Fall in and fall outside, you get it
(maybe when we’re a summer)
As much as you decry
(maybe when I-)

Maybe when I see you, all will be right
Forgiven and made up to fade out of sight
Sun washed and smiling, you look back and sigh
Grateful I knew you, in spite our goodbyes

And I’ll survive my unlived lives
Where on the bathroom floor as you cried
Heaved sobs and wondered why, why, why
We didn’t even ask

You keep me falling inside you and I’ll never survive to, and I’ll never survive to get into, get into it
Track Name: Cool Vibes
Something new to do without
All is fair in turnabout
If one thing, I mean it true
If you don’t care, I’ll stick with you.

Hey, hard fought easy escapes
Well I don’t count on them anyway
But I’m beleaguered though, beleaguered by how I
Couldn’t settle, cause I would settle in it

Hey, something I need to say-
Never too near to not just replace
But I’m beleaguered though, beleaguered by how I
I’m enough as much as you are not

Vacuous chatter, abruptly adjacent but safe of the matter
And really, could we speak more than we do? Can’t say it’s too cool
Next life, I’ll do right, and kill time until then in maintained indifference
Alright, cool vibes. Deeply dear to me, a drag can you just leave
Track Name: Bad at Fun
Would you ever believe enough to recede
Into either your faith or naiveté
Though the lives you can make are the same you can choose
Can you buy it although we all know it’s a ruse

Cause you’re figured first as your worst, then as much as you’ll return
And it’s dumb I’m to blame just the same as everyone
Don’t be sad, we can grant all the solitude you lack
Here’s the one, bad at fun. You won’t leave and she won’t come.

Do you wanna figure it out, do you wanna stop and get out?
Track Name: Wheeze
Let’s kill our days in whichever ways won’t fix our lives
In torrents of bored urges to ignore as you like
And if I ever assume, put me into your shoes and I’ll wear your dress
I want it so much more or less than whatever else, I guess

It never stays
It only fades
I’ll speculate on the ways that we’d never connect

I guess this taste, it’s safe to say, is hard to tell
For all I lost, I guess I thought I knew it well
I’ve got this lonely streak if you want something to keep
An unmade bed and a heavy head that’s hard to leave, and it’s like

It never stays
It only fades,
It comes apart, aching inside and off from the start
It never stays
It only fades,
It comes apart, aching inside it caves through your heart
Track Name: Empathic Knots
Goddamned in a chaos of intention
I wanted more than I could let in
A youth cult racked upon the city curbs
A language only of our blooded verbs
I’ve got a deeper heart than you do
Seismic and slurred impassioned half truths
And you’re the nowhere that I wanna be
So if you’re coming to it, come back to me
And don’t break me in

We are the future of static, broken raving empathic, cut estranged from our lives
I see us chasing the street fires, discolored in bleak wilds, more vacant each night
And they wear it like jewelry, a thing to earn, but it fits like a tether so watch it burn
And don’t break me in
Track Name: Negativest
I gotta go out cause my place is a mess
The room’s on fire and the walls don’t connect
Fever lighting from a TV set
You can repeat as you please but each time it means less
Can’t scrape this place off the soles of my shoes and I can’t
Give it a name and make it something to lose
You keep to your past tense until you decay
Practice a monologue of things you’ll never say

Convoluted, made a stranger to your drives
Toil onwards in confusion till you die

For all the comfort of familiar things
When I went to sweat them out, they melted my skin
Resell it to me as all I am not
A misassembled mess set to break on the spot
Gnash your teeth and wring your fists but you still
Awake each day within this governance
Embroiled in the little hypocrisies
No you can’t stomach the kill but you’ll still swallow the meat

Urgent, urgent, no real person left to hide
Discount rates. Ample parking, low, low price

Why can’t we sit and reminisce like a family?
We’ll laugh and overlook the lapses inside me
A virtuoso when there’s nowhere to go
The more you plant, the less you grow
Come on man, I know you still feel it
A gentle vision staring down from the ceiling
A blackout image in livid red
There you are with him instead
And it’s like when the debris falls away
There’d be something like a new path to take
But you can figure your irration and skill decline
Groping for it as deeply as it’s denied

I gotta go out cause my place is a mess
There is a lake at the side of the bed
A sinking depth in weight of your chest
Of what you’re carrying, it’s good to know it less
Nothing will keep you like an old embrace
And nothing fits like what you’ll have to replace
And I can feel it beneath me through tangles of roots
An orphaned deepness, an iron tooth

As you probe at your design for cues
Satisfied in the violence past you
For the contents of your heart yet above
What thing is it but an engine full of blood

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